The story of why “personal expectation management” isn’t necessarily your (or the world’s) best solution

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Although 2020 might not have been a year where many of us could as easily respond to tough times by saying “I knew this would happen”, let me tell you… I still tried. Continued rises in Covid-19 cases, mass political disruption in the U.S., and extreme economic uncertainty all seemingly felt less painful because as soon as Covid-19 hit, I knew these things would happen… But is there any way I could have fully known they would happen? Nope. …

A future where cybersecurity is inaccessible

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A few months ago, I was wrapping up at the office on a chilly Friday afternoon. I turned off my music, walked to my car, plugged in my phone, and found a surprise waiting on my Spotify. Within five minutes, I had 10 new playlists saved to my account, including “Baby Making Music” and “The Best of Cindy Jay” (for anyone curious, Cindy Jay’s best is still not great). …

and how a similar system could one day sneak into North America

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A simple Google search for China’s social credit system paints a startling dystopian future, seemingly on the verge of becoming a reality. Amidst commentary about “big brother” and “that one episode of Black Mirror”, you’ll learn of a world where every citizen is monitored, evaluated (on metrics such as: how long you play video games for each day or if you’re a parent), and publicly ranked. In this world, this score is in direct relationship to your ability to travel, your ability to own property, and even a…

Miranda Mantey

Canadian-based researcher and foresight practitioner within an innovation team

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